Best Cat Food for Hairballs and Sensitive Stomach

best cat food for hairballs and sensitive stomach

For the health and happiness of your feline buddy, selecting the proper cat food is essential. Hairballs and sensitive stomachs are common in cats, which can make mealtimes difficult. However, be at ease! This post will help you identify the best cat food to keep your feline comfortable and happy as well as help you comprehend these problems.

Understanding Hairballs in Cats

What Are Hairballs?

Fur clusters that collect in a cat’s stomach are referred to as hairballs, or trichobezoars in technical terms. Cats are careful about their grooming, even going so far as to swallow stray hair. While the majority of this hair easily passes through the digestive system, some of it may ball up into hairballs.

Why Do Cats Get Hairballs?

Because of their grooming habits, cats—especially those with long fur—are more likely to develop hairballs. The frequency of hairballs might also be attributed to excessive shedding and dry skin.

Symptoms and Signs of Hairballs

Coughing, gagging, and vomiting are typical symptoms. A blockage may result from a hairball that is too big to pass, which can exacerbate symptoms including constipation, tiredness, and appetite loss.

Understanding Sensitive Stomachs in Cats

What Constitutes a Sensitive Stomach?

In cats, frequent digestive disturbance is referred to as a sensitive stomach. This can include excessive gas, vomiting, and diarrhea, which are frequently brought on by particular foods or components.

Common Causes of Sensitive Stomachs in Cats

A sensitive stomach can result from a number of things, such as food allergies, eating inappropriately, infections, or long-term illnesses like inflammatory bowel disease.

Symptoms of a Sensitive Stomach

Keep an eye out for symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, changes in appetite, and viscous stool. A veterinarian should be consulted for persistent problems.

Important Cat Food Ingredients to Look for: High-quality proteins

Due to their obligatory carnivorous nature, cats require a diet high in animal proteins. Seek for foods where the primary ingredient is actual meat, fish, or fowl.

Simple to Digest: Compared to corn or soy, ingredients like rice, oats, and potatoes are easier on your cat’s digestive tract.

Fiber Composition

Fiber lessens the production of hairballs by assisting hair in passing through the digestive tract. Beet pulp, pumpkin, and psyllium husk are excellent sources of fiber.

Acids Omega-3

Fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 promote the health of the skin and coat by lowering shedding and the development of hairballs.


Probiotics facilitate digestion and lessen the likelihood of a sensitive stomach by supporting a healthy gut flora.

Items to Steer Clear of Synthetic Additives

Preservatives, artificial tastes, and colors can cause upset stomach in your cat. Choose natural preservatives such as vitamin E tocopherols.

Poor-Grade Fillers

Wheat, soy, and corn might be difficult to digest and cause sensitivity or allergy reactions.

Milk with Specific Grains

Certain cats have allergies to grains like corn and wheat, or they are lactose intolerant. These are best avoided in formulae for sensitive stomachs.

Principal Advantages:

lessens the development of hairballs

promotes intestinal health and well-being through balanced eating

Analysis of Ingredients: Contains brown rice, corn gluten meal, and chicken meal together with a fiber combination that facilitates hair’s passage through the digestive system.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Overview: Perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs and skin issues.

Principal Advantages:

  • supports healthy digestion and skin nourishment
  • Components that are simple to digest
  • encourages a robust immune system

Principal Advantages:

  • promotes intestinal well-being
  • Absence of synthetic ingredients
  • rich in antioxidants and vitamins

Ingredients Analysis: Deboned chicken, brown rice, and peas, with added LifeSource Bits for additional nutrients.

Purina ONE Hairball Formula Adult Dry Cat Food

Overview: Designed to help control hairballs and support overall health.

Principal Advantages:

  • aids in reducing hairballs
  • encourages a robust immune system
  • rich in protein

Ingredients Analysis: Chicken, rice flour, and corn gluten meal, with added vitamins and minerals.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Indoor Formula

Overview: Ideal for indoor cats with sensitive stomachs and hairball issues.

Principal Advantages:

  • High in protein and free of grains
  • promotes the health of the skin and coat
  • aids with controlling weight

Ingredients Analysis: Deboned turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal, with added probiotics and fiber.

Extra Advice on Handling Hairballs Consistent Grooming

Regular brushing will minimize shedding and the quantity of hair your cat eats.

The Value of Hydration

Make sure your cat consumes enough water to facilitate the passage of hair through their digestive tract.

Supplements and Hairball Remedies

To aid manage the problem, take into consideration vitamins or hairball control treats.

Extra Advice on Handling Sensitive Stomachs and Meal Schedule

Maintain a consistent feeding schedule to avoid filling their tummy too much.

Control of Portion

Feed meals more frequently and in smaller portions to aid with digestion.

Keeping an eye on food allergies

Be aware of your cat’s reactions to different meals and steer clear of common allergens.

The 5 Best Cat Foods for Hairballs

1. Smalls Fresh Cat Food Subscription– Best Overall

best cat food for hairballs and sensitive stomach

Feed your cat diets that contain genuine meat and a greater fiber content if you want to help control hairballs. Smalls does this with meals that are nourishing and prepared gently. For every taste, there is a paté or ground-textured meal option that includes chicken, turkey, beef, and fish.

One recipe that employs chicken as its main protein source is Small Fresh Bird Recipe. It is made up of 2% chicken hearts, 6% chicken livers, and 92% chicken thighs and breasts. Smalls creates a fantastic assortment of the best foods to satiate your finicky cat.


Superior Ingredients: Smalls makes sure your cat gets the best nutrition possible by using only the freshest, human-grade ingredients. This can promote general health and a glossy coat, which can considerably prevent the creation of hairballs.

Tailored Meal Plans: The subscription service customizes meals based on your cat’s dietary requirements, tastes, and medical circumstances. By using components that support digestive health, this modification can assist in addressing particular problems like hairballs.

Nutritionally Balanced: Every meal has the right amount of all the essential vitamins and minerals. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential for controlling hairballs, and this balance helps to achieve that.


Cost: In comparison to ordinary cat diets, the premium quality and customization come at a greater price. Although some budgets may not allow for it, many cat owners find the advantages to outweigh the expense.

Storage Requirements: Since fresh food must be refrigerated or frozen, your refrigerator or freezer must have enough room. Those with little storage space may find this to be bothersome.

Transition Period: Some cats may experience a brief upset stomach when they switch to a new food. To avoid any problems, the change must be made gradually, which may call for some patience…

2. IAMS Proactive Dry Hairball Cat Food – Budget Buy

best cat food for hairballs and sensitive stomach

IAMS combats hairballs with a combination of fibers and beet pulp. L-carnitine is also included to aid with your pet’s weight loss. Cats who reside indoors will love this dish. It is simple to prepare, contains 10% less fat than other recipes, and starts with actual chicken, which is a good source of protein.

IAMs also include minerals and vitamins including calcium, potassium, and omega 3 and 6 to support a tabby’s general health. Therefore, the formula doesn’t contain any artificial additives, artificial dyes, or wheat.

It is important to remember that it comprises meals made from chicken byproducts and is not entirely natural. Aside from that, it’s the most affordable cat food for hairballs and is easily absorbed.


  • Affordability is one of the main advantages of IAMS Proactive Health Hairball Care. For cat owners who need to manage hairballs without going over budget, it offers an affordable option.
  • High-Quality Protein: Chicken, a high-quality source of protein, is the main ingredient in this cat food. Protein is necessary to keep the skin and coat healthy, which lowers shedding and the development of hairballs.
  • Digestive Health Support: Including beet pulp and prebiotics aids in fostering a healthy digestive system, which is essential for controlling hairballs. Ingested hair can be processed more effectively by a healthy digestive system.


  • Contains Grains: Corn and corn gluten meal are among the grains included in this formula. While many cats can handle grains well, other cats may not be able to due to allergies or unique sensitivities. For some cats, grain-free choices could be preferable.
  • Artificial Additives: IAMS Proactive Health has certain artificial preservatives and colors in it. While these are usually regarded as safe, some pet owners would rather use only natural substances.
  • Taste: Some cats can have a discriminating palate and find that this meal isn’t as good as more expensive or fresh options. Although a lot of cats do like it, not all of them do.

Royal Canin Feline Dry Hairball Cat Food

best cat food for hairballs and sensitive stomach

The Royal Canin Feline Hairball Dry Cat Food is a fantastic choice if your cat has a significant hairball problem and you are willing to invest a little extra money. Royal Canin is well-known for its nutritional formulae that address particular problems. It uses a combination of fibers, including psyllium seed husk, to help move the hairballs through your pet’s GI tract. Its main protein source is chicken meal.

The formula is designed to satisfy AAFCO’s nutritional standards and has 32% protein. It’s excellent for indoor animals and simple to digest. Royal Canin is available in bags weighing 3, 6, or 14 pounds. To maintain your cat’s health, the dish is also prepared with extra vitamins and nutrients.


  • Effective Hairball Control: Psyllium is one of the special fibers included in Royal Canin’s Hairball Care formula, which aids in the movement of hair through the digestive system. This drastically lowers the amount of hairballs that form.
  • Superior Caliber Ingredients: The meal contains high-quality proteins, mostly from chicken meal, which promotes the preservation of healthy muscles and offers vital elements for general health.
  • Nutrient-Balanced Diet: This recipe contains critical minerals and vitamins, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as vitamins E and C. These nutrients promote the health of the skin and coat, which might lessen shedding and the development of hairballs.


  • Cost: Compared to other affordable alternatives, Royal Canin Hairball Care is more expensive because it is a premium cat food. While some budgets may not be able to support this, many cat owners feel that the advantages outweigh the costs.
  • Contains Grains: Wheat and corn are among the grains in this recipe. Although these are generally healthy and easy to digest for most cats, cats with certain dietary sensitivities or allergies may not be able to eat them.
  • Artificial Additives: Some pet owners who would rather their cats eat a more natural diet may be concerned about the use of artificial colors and preservatives.

4. Purina ONE Hairball Formula Cat Food

best cat food for hairballs and sensitive stomach

You can purchase the dry Purina ONE Hairball Formula Cat Food in bags weighing 3, 5, 16, or 22 pounds. It has a delicious chicken flavor and is free of preservatives and artificial flavors. To support healthy skin, hair, digestive, and immune systems, it is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant supplements like vitamins E and A.

To prevent hairballs, Purina ONE cat food is packed with natural fiber. Real meat is the first component in this all-natural recipe, which is made in the USA. Unfortunately, the dish contains several tasteless substances that help raise the protein content, like maize gluten meal and chicken by-product meals. Additionally, keep in mind that certain cats may find it more difficult to digest the dry formula. Apart from that, Purina ONE is a good method for minimizing hairballs.


  • Effective Hairball Control: By facilitating the faster passage of hair through your cat’s digestive tract, the Purina ONE Hairball Formula’s unique blend of natural fibers helps reduce hairballs.
  • Digestive Health Support: Purina ONE Hairball Formula’s fiber combination supports a healthy digestive system in addition to aiding with hairball management. This may lessen nausea and other gastrointestinal problems.
  • Affordability: Purina ONE Hairball Formula is reasonably priced in comparison to several specialty or premium cat diets. This makes it an economical option for cat owners who want to control hairballs.


  • Contains Grains: Wheat and corn are among the grains in the formula. While many cats can handle these grains just fine, others may not, especially if they have certain allergies or sensitivities..
  • Possibility for Picky Eaters: Although most cats love this food, there are always some that don’t. Certain cats may be finicky and not enjoy the flavor right away.
  • Transition Period: To prevent upset stomachs, cats should transition to new foods gradually. This necessitates combining the new and old foods over a 7–10 day period.

5. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Hairball Cat Food

best cat food for hairballs and sensitive stomach

To aid with hairballs, Hill’s incorporates natural sources of fiber. Significant amounts of protein as well as other vitamins and minerals will be given to your pet. It has no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or by-products from chicken; instead, it is produced entirely of natural ingredients.

Additionally, the first ingredient is actual flesh. Made in the USA, Hill’s Science Diet uses ingredients that are sourced ethically all around the world. Omegas, antioxidants, and vitamins C and E are among the nutritious and easily digestible ingredients in the meal. All in all, it will support healthy immunological and digestive systems, strengthen their skin and fur, and assist with hairballs.


  • Proven Hairball Management: The Science Diet of Hill A unique fiber blend in Dry Hairball Cat Food aids in the movement of hair through the digestive system, lowering the likelihood of hairballs.
  • Superior Caliber Ingredients: To preserve muscle growth and general health, this formula includes high-quality protein sources including chicken. Additionally, protein promotes a healthy coat, which can reduce shedding.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Hill’s Science Diet, which is enhanced with vital vitamins and minerals, offers a balanced diet that promotes your cat’s general health. Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids are added to support healthy skin and a glossy coat.


  • Cost: Compared to more generic alternatives, Hill’s Science Diet is more expensive because it is a premium brand. Those who own pets but are tight on cash might want to think about this.
  • Contains Grains: Soy, corn, and wheat are among the grains found in the recipe. Even while a lot of cats can accept these components, cats with certain grain allergies or sensitivities might not be able to use them.
  • Artificial Colors and Preservatives: Some pet owners want diets that are entirely natural and free of artificial colors and preservatives. Indeed, there are some artificial ingredients in Hill’s Science Diet.

5 Best Cat Foods for Sensitive Stomach

  1. Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Cat Food

Cats with sensitive stomachs have specific demands, and Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Cat Food is made to meet those needs. This high-quality cat food is made to support digestive health and make sure your pet gets the nourishment they require without creating digestive pain. Let’s examine the attributes and advantages of this unique mixture.

Important characteristics:

  • Superior-Grade Proteins: Rice for mild digestion and poultry by-product meal are two easily digested proteins found in Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Cat Food.
  • Balanced Fiber Content: To promote a healthy digestive system and high-quality stool, the recipe contains a carefully calibrated combination of dietary fibers, including psyllium husks and prebiotics.
  • Optimal Nutrient Absorption: To promote your cat’s general health and wellbeing, this cat food is enhanced with vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


  • Enhances Digestive Health: A diet rich in fiber and high-quality proteins promotes the best possible digestion and absorption of nutrients while lowering the risk of upset stomach.
  • Diminishes Stomach Sensitivities: The mild recipe is perfect for cats that have food intolerances or sensitive stomachs, since it helps to relieve symptoms including gas, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Enhances Stool Quality: The carefully balanced fiber composition encourages regular bowel movements and lessens the development of loose stools or diarrhea.
  1. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food

Important characteristics:

  • Simple-to-Digest Ingredients: The recipe includes simple-to-digest ingredients such brewers rice and chicken meal, which are friendly on delicate stomachs.
  • Prebiotic Fiber: A healthy gut flora supports proper digestion and nutrient absorption. This is why prebiotic fiber is included in the Hill’s Science Diet.
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids: This cat food’s strong source of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E nourishes the skin and coat, preventing dryness and encouraging a glossy, healthy look.
  • Antioxidant Blend: To strengthen the immune system and guard against environmental stressors, the recipe is supplemented with antioxidants, which contributes to the maintenance of general health and wellbeing.
  • Clinically Proven: The efficacy and safety of Hill’s Science Diet’s formulations are guaranteed by a wealth of research and clinical investigations.


  • Encourages Digestive Health: Prebiotic fiber and easily digested nutrients work together to maintain a healthy digestive system, which lowers the risk of upset stomachs and other digestive problems.
  • Calms Sensitive Skin: Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids support the skin’s natural moisture barrier and nourishment, which lessens irritation, flakiness, and itching.
  • Enhances Coat Health: This cat food helps minimize shedding and encourages a silky, glossy coat by offering vital nutrients for skin and coat health.
  • Minimizes Food Sensitivities: Cats with allergies or sensitive stomachs can benefit from the highly digestible and hypoallergenic formulation of Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food.
  • Improves General Well-Being: This balanced cat chow helps maintain your cat’s general health, vigor, and lifespan with its immune-boosting antioxidants.
  1. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food

Key Features:

  • The first ingredient in the recipe is actual, deboned chicken, which gives your cat’s natural carnivorous needs satisfaction and high-quality protein to maintain muscle health.
  • Gentle Ingredients: Brown rice and peas, two readily digestible ingredients that are less likely to irritate digestive tracts, are used in the formulation of Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Cat Food.
  • Prebiotic Fiber: To support healthy digestion and encourage a balanced gut microbiota, this cat food contains a blend of prebiotic fibers, including barley and pumpkin.
  • Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this mix helps to nourish the skin and coat while lowering inflammation and encouraging a glossy, healthy coat.


  • Promotes Digestive Health: Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Cat Food lowers the risk of upset stomach and digestive problems by combining mild, readily digestible ingredients with prebiotic fiber to assist healthy digestion.
  • Calms Sensitive Stomachs: This recipe is perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs since the carefully chosen components are less likely to cause food sensitivities or allergies.
  • Enhances Skin and Coat Health: By providing internal nourishment, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids assist in minimizing dryness, itching, and irritation while encouraging a silky, glossy coat.
  • Complete Nutrition: To satisfy your cat’s nutritional demands and promote general health and vigor, Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Cat Food offers a balanced combination of protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.
  1. Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Cat Food

Important characteristics:

  • Real salmon is the main ingredient in this mix, which provides high-quality protein to sustain lean muscle mass and satiate your cat’s natural carnivorous tendencies.
  • Gentle Ingredients: Rice and oatmeal, two readily digestible carbohydrates, are used in the formulation of Purina Pro Plan Focus because they are less likely to disrupt a sensitive cat’s digestive system.
  • Omega Fatty Acids: This cat food, which is enhanced with zinc and omega-6 fatty acids, helps nourish the skin and coat from the inside out, lowering inflammation and encouraging a lustrous, healthy coat.
  • Prebiotic Fiber: Including forms of prebiotic fiber, including chicory root, supports a balanced gut microbiota and aids in promoting good digestion.


  •  Promotes Digestive Health: Purina Pro Plan Focus lowers the risk of upset stomach and digestive problems by supporting good digestion with a blend of mild, readily digestible nutrients and prebiotic fiber.
  • Calms Sensitive Skin: The omega fatty acids support a soft, healthy coat and lessen dryness, itching, and irritation by nourishing the skin from the inside out.
  • Enhances Health of Skin and Coat: Zinc and omega-6 fatty acids nourish the skin and coat, lowering inflammation and encouraging a glossy, healthy coat.
  • Complete Nutrition: To satisfy your cat’s nutritional demands and promote general health and vigor, Purina Pro Plan Focus offers a well-balanced combination of protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.
  1. Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Salmon & Potato Formula Dry Cat Food

Wellness Simple Diet Grain-Free Salmon & Potato Formula with Limited Ingredients A specific formula called dry cat food is designed for cats who have allergies or dietary sensitivities. This cat chow uses only a small number of premium ingredients to give vital nutrients with the least amount of chance of causing negative reactions. Let’s examine the qualities and advantages of this high-quality cat food.

Important characteristics:

  • Limited Ingredient Formula: Wellness Simple is the perfect cat food for those with sensitivities or allergies because it is made with a streamlined recipe and a small number of carefully chosen ingredients.
  • High-quality Protein: The main source of protein in the formula is actual salmon, which provides the necessary amino acids to support the health of the muscles and general well-being.
  • Grain-Free: Because this cat chow is grain-free, it can be fed to cats that are on a grain-free diet or who have sensitivity to grains.
  • Omega Fatty Acids: This formula, which is enhanced with omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed and salmon oil, helps nourish the skin and coat while lowering inflammation and encouraging a healthy, glossy coat.


Enhancing your cat’s diet to avoid hairballs and sensitive stomachs will greatly prolong their life. You may help control these typical concerns by selecting components that are of excellent quality and are easily digested. To keep your kitty companion happy and healthy, don’t forget to gently switch up their diet and to take into account extra grooming and nutritional advice.


How can I tell if my cat has a sensitive stomach?

Keep an eye out for symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, vomiting often, and appetite changes. See your veterinarian if the symptoms continue.

Are there natural remedies for hairballs?

Indeed, there are natural ways to manage hairballs, including regular grooming, increasing fiber intake, and using hairball control treats.

How often should I groom my cat to prevent hairballs?

Make time to brush your cat once a week or more. Breeds with longer hair might need to be groomed more frequently.

Can changing my cat’s food suddenly cause stomach issues?

Yes, abrupt changes may cause unsettled stomach. Change to the new cuisine gradually over the course of a week.

What should I do if my cat refuses the new food?

Try combining a little bit of the new food with their old diet and then progressively increase the amount of the new food. See your veterinarian if the refusal continues. 

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