It simply nourishes a good cat food

It simply nourishes a good cat food

Cat food company Simply Nourish sells a variety of goods, including as treats, wet food, and dry food. The nutritional value, individual cat tastes, and unique components all play a role in determining whether or not a cat food is deemed good.

When assessing the quality of cat food, take into account the following factors:

  1. Ingredients: Seek for cat food products with actual meat (turkey, chicken, or fish) or other high-quality protein sources listed as the main ingredient. Steer clear of goods that include artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.
  2. Nutritional Content: Make sure the cat food meets your cat’s unique needs for health and life stage and offers a comprehensive and balanced diet. This involves having the right amounts of fat, carbs, protein, and vitamins and minerals.
  3. Reviews and Advice: Go through the opinions of other cat owners and speak with your veterinarian to get advice specific to your cat’s requirements.
  4. Cost: Although cost is not a determining factor in quality, cat meals that are more expensive on average might include higher-quality ingredients. But this isn’t always the case, therefore it’s important to consider factors other than just pricing.
  5. Cat’s Reaction: In the end, your cat’s reaction to a food is the best judge of its suitability for your furry friend. Keep an eye out for indications of better coat health, vitality, and general wellbeing.

Details about Simply Nourish Pet Food Company:

The US-based pet food company Simply Nourish has facilities where wet food is made both in the US and in Thailand. The business sells food that promotes the health and wellness of both adult cats and kittens. The company’s name reflects its mission, which is to provide pet owners with a “simple and understandable” experience.

High-quality ingredients are what this firm says it uses in both its Simply Nourish dry cat food and wet cat food. For individuals who require assistance finding both price and quality in a single brand, this cat food is ideal. Your cherished cat will appreciate the taste and the fact that it is made with nutritious components.

This product’s formulation takes into account the fact that cats need fewer carbohydrates.

their cooking formulas. There are several different recipes available; you can purchase one based on the health issues your cat is experiencing. It is preferable if you stay with grain-free recipes.

Primary Ingredients used in Simply Nourish cat food:

Let’s examine the list of main ingredients for Simply Nourish to determine whether or not it is a healthy cat food:

Real Meat:

Because they know how much protein cats need, Simply Nourish uses real meat. The greatest meats for cats are salmon, turkey, and chicken, which they get from these sources. Protein content in all of their products is at least 35%.


The necessary amino acid for cats Simply Nourish adds taurine to all of its products to make sure your cat chow has all the essential nutrients. All of these considerations should go into the diet you choose for your cat because a lack of it might result in central retinal degeneration and infertility.


To help with bodily functioning and energy production, this cat food also contains healthy fats. Chicken fat and sunflower oil are used in a lot of their recipes.

It simply nourishes a good cat food


Since cats cannot tolerate large amounts of carbohydrates, it uses very little of them. It’s encouraging to know that Simply Nourish considers each of these factors while creating their meals. Artificial flavours and harmful preservatives are absent from their products. Let us first examine the benefits and drawbacks of Simply Nourish cat food before going on to its reviews.

Pros of Simply Nourish cat food:

  • Genuine meat is the main component in all of Simply Nourish’s dishes.
  • Ingredients from natural sources are used in their recipes.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients are included in all of their products.
  • You may choose Simply Nourish dry and wet cat food according to your cat’s preferences and health status with ease because there are so many varieties available.
  • Protein is used in large quantities.

Cons of Simply Nourish cat food:

  • Options for cats on special diets are hard to come by.
  • Because some cats swallow their kibble whole,
  • it is not deemed good when goods have way too small kibble sizes.

Simply Nourish cat food reviews:

Based on the reviews we gathered of Simply Nourish cat food across various platforms, it seems that a lot of its customers are pleased with the product because their cats adore it. Cats run to the wet food because it smells so wonderful, and they eat it quickly. Numerous owners have reported improvements in their cats’ health thanks to this cat chow.

After purchasing their dry goods, some customers are not happy because there was a lot of powder, which is a waste of money because their cats don’t consume it. This is the reason why a lot of customers are moving to different pet meals.

Recall History of Simply Nourish Cat Food:

We are surprised by Simple Nourish’s spotless record given that business has never had a product recall. Up until October 7, 2014, none of their products, which included dog and cat food and treats, had ever been recalled. The suspicion of mould growth led to the recall of the Beef and Biscotti Dog Treats. Nevertheless, no additional recall history is accessible.

Is Simply Nourish a good cat food?

Based on reviews of Simply Nourish cat food, we can conclude that while individual experiences vary, there are generally no major problems that could compromise your cat’s health. Go ahead and give it a shot if you’re inclined; perhaps your cat will enjoy it. When choosing the formula, bear in mind if your cat has particular food preferences.

It simply nourishes a good cat food

Wrapping Up:

Upon thorough evaluation of Simply Nourish Cat food, we can state that it is promising and that pet owners genuinely adore this brand, as evidenced by the evaluations. All things have advantages and disadvantages, though, and we’ve covered all the information you need to make an informed decision. You might find this interesting, so check out the reviews for Pinnacle dog food as well.

At least formally, Simply Nourish is a PetSmart brand that is only available at PetSmart. Compared to commercial pet diets that contain fillers and artificial additives, this is a healthier option. It is also promoted as a less costly substitute for pricey health meals.

Because Simply Nourish uses only natural ingredients in their recipes, you can feed your cat with confidence. Since their founding in 1972, the company has maintained a spotless record, with only one voluntary recall and no cat food recalls.

Simply Nourish pet foods aren’t as expensive as other “premium” pet foods with comparable ingredients, even though they use high-quality ingredients. Their popular appeal stems in large measure from providing nutritiousPet food at a reasonable cost.

The company makes a variety of cat foods that are ideal for cats in every stage of life. Every cat age group—kittens, adults, and seniors—can find a recipe on Simply Nourish that works for them. Nevertheless, compared to other brands, their inventory doesn’t have as many specialised blends. Urinary tract blends and glucose-control formulations are not available for cats with diabetes.

But because their menu emphasises recipes made with high-quality, natural ingredients, they feature a number of grain-free options, so you have plenty of options to maintain your cat in the best possible health.

Who Makes Simply Nourish Cat Food?

US-based American Nutrition is the owner and manufacturer of Simply Nourish. Their dry pet foods are prepared using ingredients that are sourced domestically at a number of facilities located in Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington. But the majority of the materials for their canned goods are supplied from Thailand, where the tinned goods are made.

Which Types of Cats is Simply Nourish Best Suited For?

For cats of all ages, Simply Nourish is a terrific option because of its reputation for creating nutritious dishes with natural ingredients. Additionally, it creates blends for adults, seniors, and kittens based on their age. The nutritious additions and healthful ingredients are ideal for promoting a long, healthy life for any cat.

Maintaining the health and happiness of your cat depends on feeding them a high-quality diet. However, it extends beyond the food you select; the utensils they use are equally important. Our favourite is the Hepper NomNom Cat Bowl because of its distinctive, five-star shape, which guards against whisker fatigue and encourages proper posture, both of which improve digestion. Its exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary interpretation of the conventional cat bowl make it a wonderful addition to any home décor. Click here to read more about the NomNom.

Which Types of Cats Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

While Simply Nourish creates a number of blends and recipes, they don’t provide many specialty formulae or recipes that cater to the needs of cats with medical conditions. If your feline companion is on a restricted diet, you probably need to search elsewhere. For example, cats who need blood-sugar management formulae for diabetic cats or urinary health recipes may consider other brands, including Purina or Iams.

Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and bad)

To provide you an idea of the kinds of ingredients and nourishment you may expect to find inside, we’ll examine in more detail one of the keystays in the Simply Nourish collection. Here, the Simply Nourish Grain-Free Adult Dry Cat Food is the product under consideration.

Examining the contents list of pet food is a convenient approach to learn a lot about it.

Natural Ingredients

Looking at these substances, the first thing that strikes us is that, as Simply Nourish claims to employ, they are all-natural. You’re not giving artificial substances or chemicals to your pet because every ingredient was either raised or naturally occurring.

Several Animal-Based Ingredients

As obligate carnivores, cats must consume other animals in order to survive. Carbs are not necessary for them, and in fact, they have trouble digesting them. As a result, we always want to check that the majority of the contents in any cat food are derived from animals in the ingredients list.

Three of these five elements are derived from animals, as can be seen. Deboned salmon, a premium protein source that seems like it would fit right in on our dinner plates, is the first item. Although salmon food and menhaden fish meal don’t sound very tasty to us, they are healthy for our cats.

Cats in the wild consume the entire animal, including the cartilage, tissue, organs, and bones. They get all the nutrients from the meat when they consume solely deboned salmon, but they also require the nutrients from the organs and other sections. Your cat won’t be lacking in any of these essential nutrients because the fish meals contain them all.

Plenty of Protein

All of the animal-based elements have already been covered, but their protein level is what matters most. Cats need a lot of protein because they are carnivores. Fortunately, Simply Nourish has a tonne of protein because it contains so many nutritious animal-based ingredients. It has more protein than many of the commercial foods we’ve previously analysed, with at least 36%.

Potatoes and Peas?

We must admit that we don’t particularly enjoy seeing potatoes and peas on the list of ingredients. To hold everything together, a carbohydrate basis is necessary in every dry cat food product. Potatoes and peas are not too bad as filler materials. These are definitely superior to other dry cat meals’ inexpensive corn gluten meal or dried corn.

This recipe is devoid of grains. Because they believe it will be simpler for their cat to digest, some cat owners choose grain-free cat food. However, potatoes are not the most easily digested item, and some cats may experience periodic upset stomachs when eating potatoes.

Recall History

In terms of recalls, Simply Nourish has a very spotless record. It seems that none of their dog food, cat food, or even treat recalls have ever been formally announced. On October 7, 2014, they did, however, issue a voluntary recall due to possible mould growth. It didn’t effect other goods and was limited to the Beef and Biscotti Dog Treats flavour.

Reviews of the 3 Best Simply Nourish Cat Food Recipes

1. Simply Nourish Grain-Free Adult Dry Cat Food

While some cats may have trouble with the potatoes, most cats find this grain-free meal easy to digest. The ingredients list is filled with natural, whole-food products. For example, deboned salmon is the first ingredient. A minimum of 36% crude protein is included in the formula thanks to various additional animal-based protein sources that are listed further down the list.

To further improve your cat’s health, Simply Nourish also contains vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, phosphorus, linoleic acid, vitamins A and E, and more are present. In spite of this, it’s a cheap snack that offers excellent nourishment.

2. Simply Nourish Essentials Canned Cat Food

Simply Nourish Essentials Canned Cat Food is an excellent choice if you prefer to feed your cat canned food. It is largely composed of chicken, including the liver of the bird, which is utilised to supply all the extra nutrients. It is nearly totally composed of protein and moisture due to all of these protein sources.

It simply nourishes a good cat food

It has extra nutrients including taurine, much like other Simply Nourish foods. Though we found that many of our cats found the chunks to be too large, it still has meat chops in gravy. We had to trim them down a little as a result to make the size more bearable. Nevertheless, we always strive to discover excellent nutrition at a fair price, and this recipe does just that.

3. Simply Nourish High-Protein Grain-Free Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food

Because cats require a lot of protein, the Simply Nourish High-Protein Grain-Free Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food has at least 39% of protein. High-quality protein sources abound in it, such as deboned whitefish, turkey meal, chicken meal, and deboned chicken.

If that’s still not enough for you, it also has extra nutrients added specifically to keep your cat healthy, which improve their health. For instance, taurine, calcium, zinc, omega fatty acids, and other vitamins are present.

Some cats may find it simpler to digest this formula because it is entirely grain-free. Additionally, the price is significantly greater than that of other Simply Nourish blends, but we believe the variety of animal-based ingredients make the higher price point justified.

What Other Users Are Saying

Though we have our own opinions about Simply Nourish cat food, they are not the only ones that count. We read a number of customer reviews to make sure we’re giving you the full picture. You can read some of these reviews yourself by clicking here, but we’ll share our comments with you here.

Since only PetSmart sells Simply Nourish, we were unable to locate any reviews on However, we were able to locate a wealth of viewpoints on, which is owned by PetSmart. As everyone knows, cats can be finicky eaters. Several of these cats’ parents on Chewy seemed to favour Simply Nourish as their cats would really eat it.

“We’ve tried a lot of grain-free products for our cats, but we always end up back at Simply Nourish,” stated one owner. It appears to be the only brand they enjoy and don’t get diarrhoea or vomiting from. In agreement, a different user commented, “My cat and my dad’s cat, who lives with us in the winter, enjoy this food. Finding anything my finicky eater will eat that isn’t garbage is nice.

The fact that Simply Nourish offers poultry-free dishes for cats with allergies pleased a number of reviewers as well. One customer wrote, “This is the only food I can find that is grain and poultry free, AND that my cats enjoy!” Another said something along these lines: “I discovered that he was losing weight quickly.

Is simply nourish a good cat food

Is the cat food brand Simply Nourish good?

This varies depending on a number of variables, including the nutritional value, ingredients, and the particular dietary requirements and preferences of your cat.

What components make up Simply Nourish cat food?

Real meat is usually the main ingredient of Simply Nourish cat chow, along with other healthful nutrients including fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Is the nutritional makeup of Simply Nourish cat food balanced?

Although the goal of Simply Nourish is to give cats adequate nutrition, it’s important to check the nutritional value of each product to make sure it suits your cat’s needs

Are there any typical allergies in the cat food Simply Nourish?

Certain Simply Nourish items might have common allergies including wheat, seafood, or poultry. If there are any known food allergies for your cat, it’s crucial to look up those items on the list.

How can I determine whether my cat is a good fit for Simply Nourish cat food?

Simple Nourish cat food may be deemed appropriate for your feline companion based on a number of characteristics, including age, health, and dietary preferences, as well as any veterinary-recommended specific dietary needs.


The effectiveness of Simply Nourish as a cat food is contingent upon several aspects, including the product’s composition, cost, and your cat’s reaction to it. Prior to making any dietary modifications for your cat, it’s crucial to thoroughly consider these concerns and speak with your veterinarian. Personalised advice based on your cat’s unique demands and medical requirements can be given by your veterinarian.

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