What is a Mixed Breed Cat Called: 20 Most Popular Types of Mixed Cat Breeds

Mixed Breed Cat Called

It’s always a pleasure to welcome a cat into your home, but what if your furry companion is a rare breed hybrid? We’ll explore the topic of mixed breed cat in this post and provide an answer to the frequently asked question, “What is a mixed breed cat called?” A journey of discovery awaits you as you explore their unique traits and try to solve the mystery around their names.

Understanding Feline Lineage

Exploring the Terminology

Before we set out on our feline adventure, let’s make sure we understand the lingo. What is the name of a mixed-breed cat specifically? Learn about the nuances of cat naming, including “Domestic Shorthairs,” “Moggies,” and other terminology. Learn about the variety represented by these names and have a greater understanding of the complex web of mixed-breed cats.

The Charm of Domestic Shorthairs

The Domestic Shorthair breed of cats is widely used. Discover the charm of these endearing cats, renowned for their varied coat patterns and amiable personalities. Find out how their varied ancestry shapes their distinct personalities, which make them fun companions for any feline lover.

Traits and Characteristics

What Sets Them Apart?

It’s important to know what makes mixed-breed cats unique. Examine the unique characteristics that differentiate them from their purebred counterparts. Learn about the intriguing world of hybrid cats, from temperament to physical attributes. Discover the surprises that result from breeding various breeds to create a genuinely unique cat.

The Allure of Hybrid Vigor

The potential for hybrid energy is one important benefit of mixed-breed cats. Discover how a mix of different genetic backgrounds can produce cats who are not only strong but also have a distinct personality. Those looking for a friend who infuses their homes with life and vitality will find an additional degree of pleasure due to this phenomenon.

What is a Mixed Breed Cat Called: Naming Conventions

Mixed Breed Cat Called
Moggies and Alley Cats

Take pleasure in being the straightforward and endearing quality of names like “Alley Cats” and “Moggies.” Examine how these names capture the essence of mixed-breed cats and how they are charming. Learn the origins of these slang phrases and why they so aptly describe our cherished feline companions.

Unique Hybrid Titles

Go further into naming standards and explore the realm of distinctive hybrid titles. Every title, from “local Longhair” to “Tabby, also known Mix,” narrates a tale of diversity and ancestry. Learn to appreciate the ingenuity that went into these names, which highlight the blending of multiple breeds into one captivating feline.

Unveiling the Beauty of Mixed Breeds

Coat Patterns and Colors

The varied hues and patterns of mixed-breed cats’ coats are one of their most captivating features. Discover the rainbow of options, from tabby marvels to calico miracles. Learn how the blending of various genetic backgrounds creates aesthetically magnificent cats that win over the hearts of cat lovers around.

Personalities and Temperaments

Look behind outward appearances and explore the world of mixed-breed cats’ personalities. Discover the endearing traits and peculiarities that make every cat a special friend. Mixed breed cat improve the lives of people fortunate enough to share their homes with them by bringing a dynamic range of features to the table, whether they are playful, cuddly, or independent.

There are more varieties of cats available besides purebreds. There are a lot more different kinds of mixed cat breeds in the globe and they are far more common! What is a mixed breed, exactly? As the name implies, a cat is the offspring of two or more mixed breeds.

Depending on their parent breeds, these mixed cat breeds can have a wide range of colors, patterns, and temperaments, so you never quite know what you’re getting when you adopt one. Some mixed breeds are produced by breeders who combine several breeds to extract specific traits for a unique outcome, but other mixed breeds happen spontaneously (just look at the stray cats in your area).

Some of the most well-liked mixed cat breeds can be found here. Who knows? Perhaps one will catch your eye and you’ll want to take it home!

Australian Mist Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

As the name implies, the Australian Mist Cat is native to Australia. It was first dubbed the Spotted Mist (name changed in 1998) and was developed in the 1970s by crossing a European Shorthair, Burmese, and Abyssinian. The big eyes and easygoing nature of the Australian Mist are well-known characteristics. They’re still somewhat uncommon outside of their native nation, but in the United States and the United Kingdom, they’re starting to gain popularity.

Bengal Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

Despite their wild appearance, Bengal cats are domestic cats that have been around for a while. The Bengal cat made its appearance in California during the 1960s by chance, resulting from an unplanned mating between a tomcat and an Asian Leopard cat. The Leopard cat’s owner chose to continue breeding the two after kittens were born. This breed, which is well-known for being extremely active and inquisitive, was recognized by the National Tiger Association1 in 1991. This breed is ideal if you wish to stroll through the wild side without running any risks!

Bombay Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

A cross between the black American Shorthair and Burmese is known as the Bombay Cat. The aim behind its creation was to produce a glossy black cat with a Burmese-like appearance. In addition, the breeders had anticipated that it would have a black leopard-like appearance, which it did; so, Bombay. Because they are robust and stocky, these medium-sized cats feel hefty to handle. When they walk, they also seem to wobble. The Bombay breed is lively, curious, and extremely affectionate. It also enjoys spending time with its owners.

Burmilla Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

The is the offspring of a hybrid between the Persian and Burmese breeds. Because of their exceptional beauty, people wished to continue breeding them after an accidental union in the 1980s gave rise to them. The Burmilla Cats is well-known for its gregarious demeanor and silver coat, which can have short or semi-long fur. The breed is kind and full of fun, yet it is also lively and loving. Although they’re still somewhat uncommon in the US, some are present.

California Spangled Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

In actuality, the California Dazzle Cat breed is mixed. The Manx, British Shorthair, French Shorthair, Angora, Chinese, and Abyssinian breeds are among its ancestors. Paul Casey originally bred them in California with the intention of making them resemble wildcats, especially the leopard. The theory was that people would lose interest in obtaining fur coats from feral cats if they owned dogs with spotty coats. The breed is elongated, slender, and incredibly kind and loving. Even with its popularity, the breed still faces the danger of going extinct.

Chausie Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

Because they are a cross between the Abyssinian and jungle cat breeds, Chausie cats, another kind of cat intended to look like wild cats, do, have wild cat lineage. The International Cat Association officially recognized the breed in 1995 after it was created in the 1990s. Chausie cats are renowned for their high intelligence and canine-like behavior, as demonstrated by their love of fetch games. They need a lot of care and interaction, but they’re quite gregarious and excellent with kids.

Domestic Medium Hair Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

One of the “mutts” of the cat world is the domestic medium-hair cat. Although it can be a hybrid of any domestic breed, it isn’t strictly speaking a breed as a whole itself. Although it can originate either from longhair or shorthair breeds, this cat is recognized for having a medium-length coat. They are available in a multitude of hues and patterns due to their ability to be mixed breeds. This implies that you may never be sure what kind of person you’ll get—they could be kind and kind of fun and wicked.

Domestic Shorthair Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

The European Shorthair cat is a crossbreed, much like the American Medium Hair. Additionally, it is the most prevalent and well-liked breed of cat in the US. In actuality, domestic shorthair cats make up over 95%2 of all cats in the United States! They are an additional feline with a vast range of patterns and hues and can be mixed breeds. The type of personality kids will have is also up for debate. The favorable tidings? You can locate a shelter to adopt almost anywhere you go!

Exotic Shorthair Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

The is a hybrid of an American Shorthair and a Persian, not an all-in-one like the Domestic Shorthair. The American Shorthair breeders’ distaste for the combination led to the breed’s near extinction when it was first bred in the late 1950s. However, a judge for the Cat Fanciers Association3 worked to include the combination breed, and in 1967 it was officially recognized. With a coat that makes them considerably easier to groom, the exotic shorthair cat has the head of a Persian cat. The breed is affectionate, laid-back, and devoted to their owners.

Havana Brown Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

This gorgeous breed, commonly referred to as “Chocolate Delights”4, was created in England by crossing Siamese cats with domestic black cats. In the 1950s, it initially arrived in America. Breeders started outcrossing domestic black cats with domestic blues and specific colors of Asiatic Shorthairs in the late 1990s. The Havana Brown Cat is distinguished by its remarkable green eyes and longer head than wider body. The breed has an extremely gregarious personality and is willing to follow you around your residence while you go about your daily activities.

Himalayan Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

Swedish geneticists conducted the first-ever crossing of a Siamese with a Persian in 1924. However, the breed was not acknowledged by the American Cat Fanciers Association until 1957. Despite being a medium-sized breed, Himalayan cats can give the impression of being larger than they fact are due to their strong bones. They may also appear larger due to their exceptionally thick coats. The breed is similar to the Siamese in that it enjoys playing fetch, but Persians are more like them in that they are gentle and submissive.

Javanese Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

The Siamese and Balinese, nor Colorpoint Shorthair cats are the progenitors of the Javanese cat. However, they are not native to Java. The name just alludes to Java’s relationship with Bali’s sister island. Originally recognized as a separate breed, the Cat Fanciers Association later opted to incorporate it as a part of the Balinese breed. The Javanese has a lovely tiny tail plume and a medium-length coat. These cats are not for you if you’re looking for a peaceful cat because they’re quite talkative, gregarious, and lively.

Mixed Breed Cat Called

Despite their wild appearance, this breed of cats is domesticated! The Ocicat is a hybrid of the Siamese and Abyssinian breeds. Their ocelot-like appearance gave rise to the name5. The Ocicat is the only entirely domestic breed of cat with spots akin to those of a wild cat. These cats have short fur on their coats and are long and slender. They have amazing athleticism and are capable of leaping very high. The breed has a reputation for being talkative and detesting being the lone pet in the home.

Oriental Shorthair Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

These sleek cats were produced in the 1950s by a Siamese mix. In the past, Siamese cats were crossed with Domestic Shorthairs and Russian Blues to produce a hybrid that resembled a Siamese cat but had additional colors and patterns. Despite being long and slim, Oriental Shorthair cats are nevertheless highly muscular. The breed is naturally charismatic and enjoys being the center of attention. However, because they are highly energetic, they need somebody who is home most of the time.

Ragamuffin Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

Even while it’s generally accepted—though no one appears to be 100% certain—that these gentle giants6 are a hybrid between Ragdolls, Persians, They, and Turkish Angoras, they shouldn’t be confused with Ragdoll cats. These big cats are ideal for laps because of their reputation for being clinging and loving. The Ragamuffin Cat comes in a variety of patterns and colors and has a gorgeous, silky coat.

Serengeti Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

The Serengeti Cat is another domestic race that shares characteristics with its wild counterparts. It is a mix between the Bengal plus the Oriental Shorthair. Furthermore, it’s a far more recent breed—it was created in 19947. The Serengeti features big, wide ears, a spotted coat, and long legs that are great for jumping. The breed’s temperament is also amazing—Serengetis are gregarious, energetic, and kind enough to spend time with children.

Singapura Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

These tiny cats, the tiniest of all cat breeds, were said to have originated in Singapore and were transferred to the United States. However, it was later found that this was not the reality at all. Rather, it is thought that the Singapura Cat is a hybrid of the Abyssinian and Burmese cats. In addition to their size, they are renowned for having big eyes and ears. Don’t be fooled by their small stature, though! This breed has a robust personality that is full of vigor and self-assurance.

Snowshoe Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

The Siamese cat gave birth to multiple kittens with white feet, which is how the Snowshoe Cat got its start. To preserve their white feet, these kittens were later crossed with bi-colored American Shorthairs. The breed features stunning patterns and stunning blue eyes in addition to its white feet. The Snowshoe Cat, despite being less common, is an extremely loving feline that often misidentifies humans. They are highly intelligent, gregarious, and devoted.

Tonkinese Cat
Mixed Breed Cat Called

To produce a cat that was milder than the parent breeds, the Burmese and Siamese were crossed in this mix8. Breeders were also looking for azure eyes and a new mink hue in this creation. Tonkinese cats are strong felines that are available in 12 different patterns and hues. Despite being lively and playful, they also make wonderful lap cats. When they want to, they can also chat up a storm!

Toyger Cat
Mixed Breed Cat

Once again, these adorable cats are meant to appear wilder than they are. The breed originated in the 1980s and is a mix of the Bengal and the Domestic Shorthair. Because Toyger Cats resemble miniature tigers, the name is derived from the words “toy” and “tiger.” They are self-assured and gregarious, as well as generally easygoing and sociable. They’ll keep you occupied because they enjoy playing!

Tonkinese Cat
Mixed Breed Cat

To produce a cat that was milder than the parent breeds, the Burmese and Siamese were crossed in this mix8. Breeders were also looking for azure eyes and a new mink hue in this creation. Tonkinese cats are strong felines that are available in 12 different patterns and hues. Despite being lively and playful, they also make wonderful lap cats. When they want to, they can also chat up a storm!

A Mixed Breed Cat Called


Are Mixed Breed Cat Healthier?

Hybrid vigor is typically advantageous to mixed-breed cats and can enhance general health and vitality. The diversified gene pool can lessen the chance of certain hereditary problems prevalent in purebred cats, but there is no assurance.

How Do I Determine the Breed Mix of My Cat?

It can be difficult to determine your cat’s breed mix without genetic testing. Nonetheless, certain bodily characteristics and actions could provide hints. For more accurate information, speak with an animal practitioner or feline geneticist.

Does Mixed Breed Cat Make Good Pets?

Of course! Cats of mixed breeds are fantastic companions. Their varied upbringings frequently produce flexible and loving dispositions. Because every cat is different from the next, they are good companions for a range of lifestyles.

Can Mixed Breed Cat Participate in Cat Shows?

a few events that honor mixed breed cat, even though many cat shows concentrate on purebred cats. These highlight the distinctive characteristics of mixed-breed cats while showcasing their beauty and diversity.

How to Care for the Unique Needs of Mixed Breed Cat?

Understanding the unique demands of mixed-breed cats is essential to providing proper care. Their general health is influenced by balanced food, frequent veterinary examinations, and a stimulating environment.


The world of mixed breed cat is an enthralling voyage full of charm, diversity, and distinct personalities. The answer to the query, “What is a mixed breed cat called?” leads to a world in which every cat is a living example of the elegance of feline diversity. Accept the happiness that comes with having a mixed-breed cat as a friend, and allow their uniqueness to enhance your life in ways that only a feline companion can.

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