How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away | Complete Guide

Feed Cat Wet Food

Are you wondering how to provide your cat wet food with moist food when you’re gone? It’s easy, just bring him along! Reserve a vacation for the two of you and take advantage of the extra time to play and bond with your cat. Isn’t that fantastic? However, it’s not always feasible as we know.

There are instances when having options is helpful, such as lengthy weekends or vacations, long work hours, or even odd shifts.

Dry or Cat Wet Food

Although there are numerous of research on cat nutrition, experts cannot agree on anything. Therefore, it is your responsibility to work with your veterinarian to determine your cat’s ideal diet based on behavior, age, and health issues. Knowing the key distinctions between the various diets will make it easier for you to sort through the absurd number of options on the market.

The water content and consequently the amount of water consumed are two key differences between dry and cat wet food.

Wet food typically contains more than 60% water, and dry food contains less than 14%. The majority of veterinarians advise providing wet food to cats, especially those who are at risk of kidney illness, even though it is unclear if this practice improves hydration levels in cats.

However, because dry food has a higher energy density, it’s the greatest choice for cats that are skinny or have finicky appetites. In these specific situations, it maximizes the nutritional intake by providing energy and nutrients in smaller, more concentrated quantities. One other benefit of dry cat food is that it may be used with food dispenser toys, which promotes physical and mental exercise.

It’s important to encourage consistent water consumption in both situations, but particularly when feeding an all-dry food diet, by giving a regular supply of clean, fresh water. Water consumption may be impacted by the position of the water bowl as well as by its design and substance. Invest in a broad ceramic cat bowl and keep it apart from the food and litterbox.

Reasons to Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Away

Wet food offers your cat unquestionable benefits, whether it is fed alone or in combination, therefore you shouldn’t give up on it while you’re away. Your cat may stop eating if you suddenly switch it or shut it off.

Wet cat food expires more quickly than dry food, but there are ways to prolong its freshness. Let’s review your available options.

How to Keep Cat Wet Food Fresh

Cat Wet Food

It is important to read the label to find out the expiration date and how to store the food after it has been opened.

It is cooked, so it won’t go bad too soon, but the moisture will be gone and it will solidify into a lump of food. Even worse, it will harbor bacteria and become dangerous for your cat to eat.

For health reasons as well as to preserve flavor, nutrition, and general attractiveness, it is imperative to keep food fresh.

When you are going to be gone for a while, there are two ways to keep things colder longer:

  • Store it in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Use an ice pack-equipped wet food dispenser.

Refrigerate or Freeze Cat wet Food In Advance

If you are going to be gone for the day, you might want to think about freezing or chilling wet cat food before you leave so when your cat normally eats, it will still be fresh and ready to eat.

When kept in its original packaging, pet food keeps its original qualities. Therefore, using alternative containers like zip bags or plastic bins is not advised. They don’t offer effective odor and oxygen barriers. The best place to store any leftover food is in the refrigerator. You can use plastic wrap or pet food containers that fit the cans. Most brands can be refrigerated for up to five days at 40ºF (4ºC). On the other hand, discard it if that period has gone.

Remember that most cat wet food would rather have their food at room temperature rather than cold. After hunting, room temperature or tepid food simulates the temperature of the prey.

Automatic Cat wet Food Feeders

Purchasing an automatic wet food dispenser is something you should think about doing if you need to feed your cat once a day or if you’re going to be gone for a few hours.

The purpose of automatic cat feeders is to automatically dispense a predetermined amount of food without requiring human intervention. They are a terrific solution, but they aren’t appropriate for every kind of cat or circumstance.

What to Look For in an Automatic Cat Feeder

There are a tonne of feeder options available in the pet industry. Each has benefits and drawbacks based on the life and health of your cat. The best method to ensure that the cat wet food feeder you select is appropriate is to keep the following qualities in mind:

  1. Feeding schedules: Certain automatic feeders do not permit set feeding schedules. To make sure your cat doesn’t eat at odd hours, choose a timed feeder.
  2. One important component of a wet food feeder is the ice pack compartment. Pick a cat food container with ice packs if you plan to store and feed your cat fresh food.
  3. Meal frequency and supplemental food: Take into account the quantity of meals and other supplemental items, including medicine and treats, that your cat needs each day.
  4. Noise: Cats are smart creatures that don’t enjoy loud noises. Your cat may flee from your feeder if it makes too much noise and becomes scared to approach it to eat.
  5. Battery: If your cat is reliant on electricity and the power goes out, they could starve to death. Although it may cost extra, having a feeder with several alternatives can provide you peace of mind.
  6. Quality: Sturdy and high-quality materials are necessary to ensure both the device’s correct functionality and your cat’s safety. Ultimately, your cat needs a dependable cat feeder that will consistently provide it with food on schedule. A good feeder will also make sure that no food is taken before it’s needed.
  7. Guarantee: a guarantee confirms that the product’s quality has been examined and accepted. You won’t have to pay more money to swap it or get it mended if something goes wrong.

Alternatives for Feeding Your Cat Wet Food While Away

cat wet food

A trained pet behaviorist named Russell Hartstein says that feeders shouldn’t take the place of interpersonal communication. You may make sure your cat isn’t left alone or lonely by paying for a boarding facility, employing a pet sitter, or asking a family member or friend.

Cat wet food are gregarious creatures who prefer company and connection, despite the perception that they are autonomous. Long-term isolation from them may result in separation problems, tension, and anxiety. Thus, take into account the following options wherever possible.

Ask Friends or Family 

Asking a trustworthy person for assistance is the simplest approach to providing your cat with some company. To ensure that your pet feels comfortable in its domain, it is ideal to have someone familiar with it.

In addition to receiving clean water, moist food, and a tidy litter box, your cat will appreciate the company.

Hire a Cat Sitter

Hire a pet sitter if no one you know is available or close by. Nowadays, it’s not too difficult to locate a pet-sitting service that specializes in cats. Most cat sitters can do daily check-ins at your home or full-time sitting in their home. It’s better for your cat’s welfare if the sitter stops by once or twice a day to tend to daily necessities.

No matter what your agreement is with the sitter, you can request regular updates to make sure everything is operating as smoothly as possible.

Consider a Cat Boarding Facility 

A fantastic alternative is to board your cat at a facility.

These days, the steel cages and concrete floor combinations are completely different from each other. They resemble opulent pet motels.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces offer comfortable, warm mattresses as well as room for playing, climbing, and running. Bring your cat wet food favorite toys or bedding to help them feel comfortable and make themselves at home. Most of these facilities enable you to do this.

Your pet’s daily routine, meal choices, and well-being will be observed, just like with the cat sitter. With your permission, veterinary access and care are also available.

Make reservations in advance, see multiple possibilities, and ask all the questions before deciding on one.

When Dry Food Might Be a Better Alternative

If, after weighing all of your alternatives, you’re still not sure whether to give your cat wet food while you’re gone, you might want to introduce dry food to them before you leave. The ideal way to achieve this is to gradually introduce tiny servings of wet food each day until the meal is mostly made up of dry food. Try flavoring and moistening the kibble with some water or tuna water if your cat is still not eating much of it.

How to Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Away: 5 Easy Ways

For many cat wet food is an excellent choice. It aids in their hydration, which some cats find problematic. Furthermore, compared to most other foods on the market, it frequently has higher nutrients. It can be challenging to give your cat wet food when you’re gone from home, though. Wet food cannot be left out like dry food, and it is incompatible with many automatic feeders.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to continue feeding your cat the same wet food while you’re away.

The 5 Ways to Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Away

Use Both Wet and Dry Food

Dry food keeps far longer than wet food, which can only be put out for a brief while. As a result, you can feed your cat with both. For example, cover the first few hours with moist food. Once the wet food is gone, have dry food in a dispenser that releases. This way guarantees that your cat can eat as much wet food as possible while still being fed throughout the day, assuming they can eat both.

Naturally, this can be a bit of an issue if your cat never eats dry food. For cats that have dental problems, for instance, you’ll probably have to use a different approach.

No matter what kind of food your feline friend likes, it can be difficult to locate a bowl that will contain the mess. The broad tray of our Hepper NomNom Cat Wet Food Bowl is made to make sure that food stays inside the bowl and off the ground. The low and wide bowls, designed to avoid whisker fatigue, are snugly fitted into the PP plastic base. Its modern design will go in perfectly with any type of house, and it’s dishwasher safe.

Use an Automatic Cat Feeder

For portioned meals ahead of time, an automatic cat feeder can be used. You may feed your cat from a distance with these because they are made to release food at a specific moment. But only dry kibble works with most of these; wet food does not function with them. There are a few solutions, nevertheless, that are effective with moist food.

The first is the one-meal-holding SureFeed Microchip Small Feeder. Naturally, if you’re planning a longer-than-day trip out of town, this feeder isn’t appropriate. As a result, the Cat Mate C500 Digital 5 Meal Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder comes highly recommended. This feeder is affordable and has five separate chambers to hold meals. To keep the food fresh, it also features space for an ice pack.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Occasionally, hiring a pet sitter is the simplest course of action. This guarantees that your pet is fed correctly even though it does cost you extra money. You won’t have to worry about something like an automatic feeder breaking down when you hire a pet sitter. Additionally, it guarantees that the food you offer your pet is as fresh as possible. If not, there’s always a danger that the moist food will spoil.

In general, a pet caretaker charges around $30 per day. They are capable of more than just feeding your dogs, of course. In any case, you might want to think about paying someone to take care of your pets if they require particular attention. As an alternative, you may Always get a friend or relative to give your pets food. Younger teenagers will appreciate the extra cash and are mature enough for this work.

In either case, hiring a pet sitter is usually the most comforting (if priciest) way to give your cat wet food while you are away.

Freeze the Food

You might want to think about freezing the food and utilizing an automatic feeder to extend its shelf life. You may maintain the freshness of the food and give it to your pet just when it’s appropriate by freezing it and utilizing an automatic feeder. The food in one of the previously described wet food feeders can be kept chilly using ice, which prolongs the time it takes for the food to dry out.

Nevertheless, some experimenting is required for this strategy to be effective. You might need to do a few tests to make sure the second meal is thawed by the time the automatic feeder opens. It will require some preparation to synchronize the dethaw with your cat’s mealtimes, but This is frequently the simplest method to make sure the food lasts as long as possible.

Use a Boarding Kennel

The best course of action could be to use a boarding kennel if you will be gone for an extended period. The ideal duration for these kennels is a week or longer. It might be difficult to keep wet food fresh for more than four days, and the majority of automatic feeders aren’t made to operate for longer than that. Both dogs and cats can be boarded in kennels. Of course, they can provide your pet with wet food when it’s needed.

This choice isn’t ideal for pets that struggle with anxiety or other related issues, though. They may get anxious in their new surroundings. You should factor in the high cost of this choice when planning your travel budget.

A Word About Water

You can always give your cat dry food to keep them satisfied while you’re gone. It is easier to feed your cat while you are away, and it lasts longer. But there’s a chance your cat won’t drink enough water if you feed them dry food. They will be accustomed to obtaining the majority of their water consumption from their diet, after all. They might decide not to adjust by consuming more water if this changes suddenly. As such, before you depart, you should transition your cat to dry food.

Make sure they are getting adequate water by keeping an eye on them. Purchasing a pet fountain is another way to promote water consumption. The majority of cats favor flowing water. Place several water basins throughout the house as well. When cats don’t have to search for water, they frequently drink more of it.

Although it can be difficult to choose the appropriate one, water fountains can significantly increase your cat’s water intake. Our Hepper Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain’s big capacity and sophisticated triple filtration technology will keep your cat safe and hydrated. It features three distinct flow modes, an automated shut-off, and is dishwasher safe.

How to Feed Your Cat Wet Food While You’re Away

I am far too familiar with the issue. You gave your cat wet food instead of dry. It’s more wholesome. She adores it. Everything is well. You now wish to spend a long weekend away with your sweetie. Or maybe spend a week in Cancun. Whoa. Fortunate!

I’ll give it to you straight, from one cat lover to another. There are no ideal answers. Many thanks! Take it easy on those claws. I did not state that there were no alternatives.

Indeed, that is feasible. And a few of them are excellent. Here’s how to give your cat moist food while you’re gone.

I’ll go over everything in detail with you, but if you like the Reader’s Digest version (am I dating myself?), arrange for a friend or cat sitter to visit once a day, and then program the automatic feeder for the second feeding. You ought to be extremely wealthy.

Automatic feeders are amazing devices that have advanced significantly in the last ten years. You can try to work around this for a weekend excursion, and I’ll go over some options with you, but your best bets will be a human and an automatic cat feeder. (I’ve included some suggestions at the bottom, but if you want to get a cute little feeder right away, go here.)

How to Feed Your Cat Wet Food While You’re Away

Avoid doing it. My goal is not to appear cute. Just be truthful.

So let’s state the obvious before we go into the fancy stuff. Dry food is the most convenient solution. Yes, I am aware. Yes, I am aware. My cat refuses to eat it. Is that, however, entirely accurate? Have you attempted? Lately? Dry food is just that—dry. If you’re going to be gone for a while, it keeps longer and is much easier to handle.

You may give it a shot. It’s not necessary to give up on your gorgeous kitty completely—there is another way to do this. It would not be pleasant for either people or cats. It’s not a good idea to abruptly change a cat’s diet. Don’t do that and be kind to your cat. It would be far better to build it up over the week or two before you leave.

Dry food isn’t a complete no-no, but only you know your cat. Try it out. Watch your cat’s response. You may be taken aback. pleasantly.

I’ve tried feeding my cat a small amount of dry food in addition to the usual wet food, and it seems to work somewhat. Put simply, serve the wet meal first and then the dry. Over a week or two, gradually increase the portions. You should be OK to leave the dry food over the long weekend by that Friday morning before your getaway weekend. Naturally, in a portion-controlled feeder.

Please remember that water will be necessary if it works. It’s crucial to drink enough water when eating dry cuisine. To make sure your cats drink enough water, you can consider purchasing one or more Drinkwell water fountains for the home.

Automatic Cat Feeders

Gosh! Automatic feeders for cats are fantastic.

What, exactly, can I say? They’re excellent. They have emancipated all dog and cat owners to travel like Greek gods, but like anything, you have to buy a decent, quality one.

Okay, that was a bit excessive.

Let’s go back to the narrative. Therefore, an automatic cat feeder and a human are the keys to feeding your cat wet food while you’re off exploring Kingdom Come.

Easy and as challenging as that.

Allow me to explain it to you. Your cat is fed twice a day. Your cat is fed and given some playtime in the morning when the friend or cat sitter visits. She grabs the automated feeder for the cats, fills it with wet food, programs it for that evening, and presto!

To keep the food moist, she should put a couple of ice packs in the dispenser, but it should work just well without them.

Will Cat Wet Food Go Bad?

I am aware of your thoughts. This is not going to work. Wet food cannot be left out for hours on end.

It’s fine—as long as it makes sense. Food that has been cooked or prepared won’t go bad right away. That is analogous to setting a dish of food on the kitchen counter. It won’t go bad in twenty minutes, but it will eventually become dry and possibly even a bit crusty.

It will be kept for eight to ten hours, depending on the wet food. My friends have informed me that they have a 12-hour cutoff for wet food. That being said, I wouldn’t go quite that far.

The trick is to either freeze the cat food into portion sizes and then let the frozen food gently defrost in a timed feeder, or you may add a little additional water to the meal to keep it moist.

It is that simple. Your feline friend will express gratitude. Once he recovers from you abandoning him for several days. 😊

Hence, getting an automatic cat feeder and having the pet sitter give your cat one meal before setting the next one in the feeder is a simple and far more cost-effective way to offer wet food to your cat while you’re away than hiring someone to come over twice a day.

It functions amazingly well!

Simply have the morning meal placed out by the dispenser, which your friend or neighbor would replenish in the evening after giving your cat dinner if they can visit only after work. Once more, use some freezer-safe ice packs to maintain moisture levels.

The timetable would simply be switched around because pet sitters may typically visit during the day. Simple sexual pleasure.

The wet meal, either frozen or with ice packs, left overnight will be ideal for breakfast.

The best part is that this schedule is flexible enough to accommodate both extended weekends and lengthy vacations. A lengthy weekend gives you greater flexibility, as I just indicated.

If you play your cards well, you might be able to spend a long weekend without the pet sitter or friend. Although it’s a possibility, you might not want to do that. You may schedule up to 12 meals a day for the PetSafe Health Simply Feed Programmable Pet Feeder. (And, naturally, since wet food spoils after a day, we’re talking about dry food here. You will want a pet sitter or a friend if you intend to feed your cat wet food throughout your week-long vacation. There’s no denying it. It is the correct course of action.)

Pros and Cons of Automatic Cat Food Dispensers

All right. My hand has already tipped. Cat food dispensers appeal to me. For me, they have been incredibly effective. However, I would be negligent if I failed to mention that they aren’t always flawless.

Although I’ve never had issues, I have heard tales. And it doesn’t take long to realize that some of these devices are severely criticized on Amazon for their poor quality and durability. Of course, things break down occasionally, or our cherished pets find creative ways to make them break down.

However, that is true for most things in life.

Some items are made to last and items that are created inexpensively. Correct?

Forewarned is forearmed, then.

Take your time and select the highest caliber at your price range. It’s well worth it for your feline companion.

So go ahead and treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime with an automatic cat food dispenser that works well and a reliable pet sitter or friend.

You’re deserving.

The Best Automatic Cat Food Feeders

Instead of analyzing cat food dispensers, this page aims to assist you in figuring out how to provide your cat with wet food when you’re on vacation, as the British would say.

However, that is the evident follow-up query. Which one should I purchase? The selection of automatic cat food dispensers is overwhelming. They range from the traditional ones that run on batteries to ones that can be synced with your Android or iPhone to schedule feedings and even allow you to see the cat’s bowl and communicate with it.

You want to fall that rabbit hole, I’m sure. It’s not my fault. Here are a few of my favorites as well as industry norms. When you start your search with these bad guys, you truly can’t go wrong.

I know you’ve done your research, but based on my experience and a thorough evaluation process, these are some of the greatest products available. A brief overview of automatic cat food dispensers based on your cats’ needs is provided below. (Note: Although I am not associated with these businesses, I receive a small commission from Amazon for purchases made through affiliate links on my website. It costs you nothing and helps me continue to run this blog.)

How To Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Away

A tiny commission may be earned by when you make a purchase using one of the links on this page.

Though it doesn’t have to be, leaving your cat alone and wondering about their hunger may be rather distressing!

Even if your cat is restricted to eating moist food while you are away, there are still plenty of ways to keep them supplied.

How should your cat be fed while you’re away? An automatic wet food feeder would be the ideal alternative if your cat can’t have access to both wet and dry food. A good feeder will keep moist food fresh while you’re at work, but you’ll need a cat sitter if you’re taking a lengthy trip.

Check out our list of the top 5 automated feeders here if you’re interested in purchasing one that can handle wet food as well.

However, there are still a ton of other choices to consider! Let’s go over some more ways that wet food can keep your cat happy and healthy while you’re away.

Now let’s get going!

How To Keep Cat Wet Food Fresh

Before discussing how to store wet food for your cat while you’re on the go, let’s talk about how to prolong its shelf life. Regardless of how delicious wet food is, once it’s opened, it’s difficult to keep it fresh.

Wet food can stay fresh for one to two hours, according to most brands. This time restriction is also contingent upon the specific brand and the temperature of your flat. You might refrigerate the wet food for a few hours before serving it to help extend this recommended time limit. In this manner, the meal might be kept fresh for up to four hours.

My cat’s food gets frozen and I take it out right before I leave when I know I’ll be gone all day. I can be sure they won’t let food go bad because they will be nibbling on it throughout the day. To keep my cats happy in the heat, I also employ the freezing approach.

Ways To Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Away

It’s usually a good idea to prepare your cat for when you leave, even if it’s just for a few hours. Even though they are independent animals and natural survivors, cats nonetheless require loving attention. The following techniques may help you figure out the simple procedures for giving your cat wet food while you’re gone since wet food can be particularly difficult to administer.

1. Have Both Dry And Wet Food

Consider switching to dry food as much as possible if you anticipate being away from home for longer than ten hours, especially on the days when you won’t be there. Dry food is much easier to manage the portions while you’re away and it keeps for longer.

There are techniques to get your cat to like dry food if they don’t know. It’s never a good idea to suddenly switch up your diet; instead, take your time and be patient. Consider serving both wet and dry food at the same time. Reduce the size of the wet meal portions and gradually increase the dry food amounts each day. You could stop providing the wet food to your cat once you notice that they are accustomed to it.

While some cats may never fully transition to dry food, they may develop tolerance. Once your cat is used to eating dry food, serve them their preferred meal right before you leave and leave a dry food bowl full for them to eat from while you’re gone. Even if your cat doesn’t get inside all the way, they will at least have something to eat in between naps.

Using dry food as a treat in place of other food is a terrific method to keep your cat satiated. Make use of interactive toys that you can stuff with dry kibble. In this manner, you can ensure that your cat is fed and active all day long.

Although our cats love cat wet food, dry food also has advantages. As several researchers have noted, eating dry food causes saliva to increase, which helps the body employ its immune system more effectively and prevents dental health problems. This approach is also appropriate for well-mannered cats who, when given ample food, do not overindulge.

2. Automatic Cat Feeders

This next technique might be the finest cat investment you’ve ever made! A creative approach to ensure your cat is fed throughout the day is using an automatic wet food feeder. This incredible technological advancement has the potential to free your mind and your to-do list, even if you’re not traveling for extended periods.

How do you use an automatic food feeder? Though there are a few modifications, these devices function mostly by adjusting the time on their internal timers. Each piece is released at the designated time, and the containers are sealed to keep the food fresh.

You can feed your cat in smaller portions by using an automated wet food feeder. It might control your cat’s daily consumption and keep them from overeating or stress eating. You might combine your cat’s prescription medication with their wet food and allow the feeder to tend to it while you are away. It’s crucial to note that an automatic cat feeder won’t be sufficient to feed all of your pets for longer than a day if you have multiple pets in your home.

3. Ask A Friend Or A Relative You Trust

An automatic cat wet food feeder should make it easy to leave your cat alone for a day or two, but what happens if you have to be gone for an extended time? A cat sitter would be your best bet in such a situation.

Perhaps look at a far less expensive option for this duty before searching online for a professional cat sitter. I’m fortunate to have a supportive brother who jumps in to assist me whenever I need to take a trip. One of the best ways to know your pets are in good hands when you are leaving them with a relative who knows them well.

You want to be confident that this individual is trustworthy, whether it’s a friend or a relative. Consider choosing a person your cat is comfortable around. Someone who is prepared to play and socialize with each other for a little while longer to prevent your cat from feeling abandoned. Request that they empty their automatic wet food feeder and clean their litter box at least once every two days.

If you don’t have any relatives or friends that can help, think about your neighbor. Verify that this individual is reliable and familiar with your kitties. Since your neighbor won’t be residing in your flat for very long, hiring them to help could be a smart decision.

Make sure to stay in touch with your friend, neighbor, or relative after you leave to find out how things are doing. Maybe you could schedule a brief phone call to check on your cat and keep an eye on things. Naturally, don’t forget to give your cat-sitter a memento from your vacation to show them how much their work is appreciated.

4. Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

While having a friend or family member watch your cats might be a blessing, many of us may not be able to afford it. Fortunately, you don’t have to postpone your vacation in that situation; instead, you can employ a seasoned cat sitter. They will be able to take care of all your cat’s needs, including adhering to their feeding and game schedules.


Make sure a professional cat sitter is eager to take care of your cat’s needs and is qualified for the position before employing them. Seek out a sitter with a medical license if your cat has unique dietary demands or is on medication. Inquire about their prior experiences and training. Finding out how long they have been in this field and whether they have references from prior clients is also crucial.

Verify that the pet-sitting service gives you the sitter’s official business license. For a cat who is afraid of strangers, the company’s approach of sending different cat sitters every day might not be the ideal choice. Observe the way the cat sitter plays with your pet and find out if they think of themselves as cat people.

The cost is by far the largest drawback of hiring a cat sitter. This is a pricey choice, particularly if you want the cat sitter to visit your home daily while you’re away. The cost of hiring a sitter from a reputable agency can be very high. Additionally, you run the risk of leaving your home vulnerable to theft, so it’s a good idea to research the reputation of the pet-sitting service.

Lastly, I sincerely suggest that you follow your instincts! If the sitter seems unsettling to you, you might want to look for someone who gives you a sense of security.

Cat Wet Food


Can I leave wet food out for my cat while I’m away?

Wet food should not be left out for long periods because it might spoil quickly and endanger your cat’s health.

What’s the best way to manage feeding wet food when I’m not at home?

Think about utilizing timed automatic feeders made especially for wet food. These can dispense servings on time.

How long can wet cat food safely stay out before it goes bad?

To prevent bacterial growth and spoiling, wet food shouldn’t be kept out for longer than 30 to 60 minutes.

Are there any alternatives to leaving wet food out?

You can choose less perishable cat food that can be left out longer without going bad, like freeze-dried or dry food.


It can be a little tricky to give your cat wet food while you’re away. Wet food, after all, spoils in a matter of hours. There are a few things you may do, though, to extend its duration. For example, an ice-filled automatic pet food dispenser is frequently a wonderful choice as it will prolong the shelf life of the wet food. To extend its shelf life, you can freeze the moist food and use one of these dispensers.

On the other hand, you might want to think about hiring a pet sitter or boarding facility if you’ll be gone for an extended period. Wet food just cannot be kept fresh for longer than a few days.

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