Dry Cat Food For Hairballs

dry cat food for hairballs

Regarding having pets, there is nothing quite like having cat food as a buddy. Hairballs are a common but unpleasant fact that cat food owners must deal with despite the cuddles and purrs. Cat food and their carers may find these fur clumps inconvenient. They are created in the stomach of the cat. Don’t worry; we’re here to handle this tricky circumstance tactfully and gracefully.

The Hairball Predicament: What You Need to Know

What Exactly are Hairballs?

Trichobezoars, or hairballs as they are technically called, are collections of fur, saliva, and other digestive secretions that build up in a cat’s digestive system. Generally, when cat food brushes themselves, they swallow loose fur, which collects in their stomach to create clumps.

Why Do Cats Develop Hairballs?

Feline grooming is essential to the health and cleanliness of their coat, yet it can unintentionally result in hair ingestion. Cats’ tongues have microscopic structures called papillae that resemble small hooks and are used to capture wayward fur. This fur builds up in their stomachs during grooming, causing hairballs.

Recognizing Hairball Symptoms

It’s critical to recognize hairball signs to take prompt action. Frequent coughing, vomiting, vomiting, constipation, and sedentary behavior are typical symptoms. Hairballs can cause major health issues like intestinal obstructions if they are not handled.

Combatting Hairballs: The Role of Dry Cat Food

Understanding the Benefits of Dry Cat Food

A key factor in reducing the development of hairballs in cats is dry cat food. By wiping away the calculus and tartar, its abrasive texture improves oral health. To help hairballs travel through the digestive system, some formulations also include specific substances.

Key Components to Look For

If you’re looking for pet cat food that is dry to help with hairballs, give preference to recipes that are higher in fiber and protein. These elements support healthy digestion and make it easier for hair to move through the digestive system. Select premium brands that are well-known for their dedication to the nutritional needs of cat food.

Introducing Dry Cat Food into Your Feline’s Diet

A progressive approach is needed when switching your animal to a dry diet regimen designed to reduce hairballs. Gradually increase the percentage of the new meal over several days, starting with tiny portions already included in their regular diet. Make sure your cat food comfortably adjusts to the nutritional change by keeping a careful eye on their reaction.

Supplementing with Hydration

Even though dry cat food has many advantages, you must add enough water to your cat’s diet to support its needs. Provide clean, fresh water sources all across your house to promote consistent water use. To increase their consumption of moisture, you should also think about including wet food in their diet.

dry cat food for hairballs

Overall Best: 

For several reasons, Open Farm was our #1 choice. First of all, we valued the brand’s openness about nutritional information, testing, and sourcing. They are among the select few cat food companies that let customers track down each ingredient and receive a typical analysis. Our test cat food, who adored this meal, agreed that the food’s outstanding quality of the components and palatability equally astonished us!

Open Farm currently offers a small selection of kibble and numerous freeze-dried recipes in addition to their assortment of wet and dry foods. A coating of freeze-dried fresh organ meats, such as turkey gizzards, and powdered bone broth gives these otherwise dry meals an extra nutritional boost.

The focus of this RawMix Open Grassland Recipe is on animal-derived protein found in menhaden fish meal, turkey, and chicken. Additionally, chicken neck, liver, and ocean whitefish meal provide it with extra protein. The chicken neck is a species-appropriate resource for minerals since it contains bone.

Compared to other recipes on this list, this one has fewer calories because it is comparatively low in fat. The primary plant-based sources of additional fat in this dish are coconut oil and sunflower seed oil, while the fish meal probably contributes some fat as well. In addition, the dish includes lentils, chickpeas, and peas, all of which greatly increase the recipe’s high carbohydrate load.

There are dry meals that are lower in carbohydrates and higher in fat and protein than Open Farm RawMix, so it’s not a perfect nutritional match. Nevertheless, if you’re all right with a higher-carb dish that gets great marks for reliability and ingredient quality, this option is still a solid one.


Ingredients: Chicken, the country, Menhaden Fish Meal, lentils, Tropical Oil, Pumpkin, Chickpeas, and Ocean Whitefish Meal Sunflower oil, mustard greens, cranberries, apples, chicken neck, and chicken liver Supplements (Niacin Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, folic acid Supplement, Thiamine, also known Mononitrate, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine The chloride form of, Vitamin D3 Supplement, riboflavin Supplement, B12 Supplements, Folic Acid, Biotin), Potatoes, Tapioca kernel Dried Chicory Root, Choline Chloride, Minerals (Copper Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese oxide Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, The mineral calcium Iodate), Natural fertiliser Butternut Squash, Organic Carrots, which Organic berries such as blue Turkey Gizzard, Montmorillonite Clay, which was Miscanthus Grass, Chicken Bone Soup, Flaxseed, turmeric, which is Dried Yucca Schidigera Extract, Taurine, Organic For example, spinach Organic farming Kale, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Biological Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Rosemary Extract.

We enjoyed the following ingredients: turkey, menhaden meal, fish meal, oyster whitefish meal, chicken neck, chicken liver, and turkey gizzard.

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: Peas, Chickpeas, Lentils

What We Liked:

  • Animal proteins make up the top three ingredients.
  • Bone broth and freeze-dried turkey gizzard are coated on the kibbles.
  • Made with ingredients that are sourced sustainably and with compassion.
  • devoid of synthetic flavors, colors, and preservatives

What We Didn’t Like:

comparatively high in carbs
Pricey—more than $8 per pound

Runner Up: Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Cat parents have expressed worries about variations in the quality and consistency of Dr. Elsey’s clean protein formula in the past year. Cats who were previously eating the original Elsey’s formula for some time may not agree with this abrupt change, according to reports of cats who either lost their liking for this food or developed an allergic reaction to the new formulation. But there shouldn’t be any issues for those who are new to Elsey’s clean protein.

We had to remove Dr. Elsey’s from their long-standing status as the best choice due to this formula modification. Despite this, this brand still seems to provide better nutrition and quality than a lot of other dry foods available. Because of its low carbohydrate content, absence of legumes, and abundant amounts of species-appropriateIn our selection of dry food, Dr. Elsey’s cleanproteinTM kibble has shown to be a worthy runner-up.

The brand’s Grain-Free Chicken Formula, which starts with hydrolyzed pork and chicken, is easy to digest and rich in protein. This is a fairly high-calorie dry food for cats, weighing in at around 113 calories per ounce. A 10-pound cat should cost roughly 0.85 dollars per day to feed.


Ground flaxseed, natural flavor, chicken, hydrolyzed meat, pork plasma, gelatin, and chicken fat (preserved with blended tocopherols) Salmon oil, calcium carbonate, choline chloride, potassium chloride, and fructooligosaccharides Minerals (Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulphate, Iron Proteinate, Ferrous Sulphate, Copper Proteinate, Copper Sulphate, Manganese Proteinate, Manganese Sulphate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), The vitamins (Niacin, Vitamin A Add to, Thiamine Mononitrate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, The vitamin folic Acid, Pyridoxine The chloride form of, Riboflavin, a Vitamin D Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12), Minerals (Preservative), Taurine, Magnesium An oxide, Mixed The fatty acids to (Preservative), Salt, Vitamin E Supplement, Rosemary Extract).

dry cat food for hairballs

What We Liked:

  • minimal in carbs
  • mainly composed of animal nutrients that are suitable for the species
  • Among the dry foods with the highest nutritional content available
  • excludes all of the most popular components that cause inflammation

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive

Best Moderately Priced: Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food

Nulo’s Freestyle brand is worth looking into if you want to cut costs without sacrificing quality. The primary four ingredients in this grain-free, animal-based protein-rich Chicken and Cod recipe include deboned chicken, chicken food, turkey meal, and deboned cod. The recipe contains 83% animal-based proteins. For skin that is healthy and glossy coats, this mix also contains fatty acids called omega-3 and omega-6.

Furthermore, a probiotic strain is included in Nulo Freestyle dishes to help your cat’s GI system and immune system. Additionally, you’ll find vitamins C, E, and A, antioxidants, and taurine to strengthen your heart and vision. The fact that this dish includes peas and legumes, which raise the amount of carbohydrates, is a drawback.


Deboned chicken, whole peas, lentils, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), natural flavor, chicken meal, turkey meal, deboned cod, whole peas Pea Fibre, Ground Flaxseed, Dried Chicory Root, Dried Kelp, Dried Sweet Potato, Dried Berries, Calcium Carbonate, Dl-Methionine, Taurine, Zinc Proteinate, Choline is a Chloride, Vitamin E Supplements, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (Reference of Vitamin C), Iron Proteinate, Niacin Dietary supplement products, Copper Proteinate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A Supplement, Manganese Proteinate, Pyridoxidine Hydrochloride is, Sodium Selenite, Riboflavin Supplement, Dried Bacillus Coagulans The process of fermentation Product, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Calcium Iodate, Folic Acid, Rosemary Extract.

What We Liked:

  • Ideal for cats of all ages, including kittens
  • Without potatoes or tapioca

What We Didn’t Like:

  • comprises legumes
  • The small kibble size may not appeal to all cats.

Best Budget: Kirkland Signature Chicken and Rice Cat Food

Kirkland Signature kibble is an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget and would want to offer your cat dry food. In addition to having higher-quality main components, Kirkland Signature dry cat food also has nutraceuticals, which are uncommon in the least expensive kibble available.

The main components of Kirkland’s Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food are chicken and chicken meal. Consistency and carbs are added when brown and white rice are combined. This product has several noteworthy advantages even if its protein content isn’t very high and it’s not low in carbohydrates. One difference between Kirkland and most other foods at this price range is the combination of additional probiotics and prebiotics, which may benefit digestive health and general well-being.

This is a rather high-calorie dry food for cats, weighing in at around 115 calories per ounce. It should only cost roughly 25 cents per day to provide food for the typical 10-pound cat, making it one of the most affordable solutions we could find. Although purchasing Kirkland Signature brand cat food via Amazon is simple, the pet product department at Costco has the greatest prices. Walmart sells this meal as well.


Natural chicken flavor, whole grain brown rice, ground white rice, chicken, chicken meal, chicken fat (which has been preserved with mixed tocopherols), Flaxseed, taurine, potassium chloride, sodium bisulfate, and choline chloride Dried Chicory Root, Fermentation Product of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Fermentation Product of Bifidobacterium animalis, The following nutrients are included in the supplement: zinc proteinate, vitamin E, folic acid, manganese, which proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin A, biotin, potassium iodide, magnesium pantothenate, the B vitamin rib pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin A6), vitamin B12, manganous an oxide, potassium selenite, vitamin D supplement, and folic acid.

What We Liked:

  • mostly made up of sources of protein with unambiguous names
  • lacks the artificial coloring and possibly dangerous preservatives present in the majority of low-cost cat meals.
  • Among the most reasonably priced foods available

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not a low-carbohydrate food

Best Air-Dried: ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Mackerel & Lamb Recipe Cat Food

This cat food is manufactured differently and has a more jerky-like appearance than regular kibble.

This meal is air-dried, as opposed to typical kibble, which is extruded. A two-phase dehydration method eliminates harmful germs while preserving nutrients. Because of this procedure, Ziwi Peak dry cat chow is among the most nutrient-dense and species-appropriate dry goods you can provide your cat. At least 96% of the ingredients in every Ziwi Peak recipe are meat that is fresh, organs, bones, and green-lipped mussels from New Zealand.

dry cat food for hairballs

The nutritious potential of the hearts, tripe, liver, lungs, kidney, and bone is harnessed in Ziwi Peak’s Dried by Air Mackerel and Lamb Recipe, whereas other cat feeds rely on artificial minerals and vitamins to replenish nutrients lost during cooking. It contains almost no plant material and very little carbs.

Although this food costs more than many other brands on the market, you may give the cat less at each meal because it is extremely nutrient-dense. Feeding a typical 10-pound cat ought to run about $3.00 per day, which is less expensive than freeze-dried food.


Whole Mackerel as Lamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Lung, Lamb Liver, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver, Lamb Bone, New Zealand’s Green Mussel Lecithin, Chicory Root Inulin, Dried Apple Pomace, Minerals (such as glutathione, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, manganese amino acid complex, magnesium sulfate, and potassium phosphate), lamb cartilage, Organic Kelp, Dried Add salt, mixed tocopherols, and citric acid as preservatives, DL-methionine, pyridoxine chlorine hydrochloride, folic acid, a vitamin D3 supplement, choline chloride, and taurine.

What We Liked:

  • Foods with minimal processing maximize the nutritional benefits of fresh meat.
  • Composed of premium components
  • Almost completely free of carbohydrates
  • In every meal, 95% of the protein is bioavailable.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This food is not a replacement for a hydrated canned, homemade, or raw diet because it only has 14% moisture.
  • incredibly costly
  • The jerky texture won’t appeal to every cat.

Dry Cat Food For Hairballs

What makes cats get hairballs?

Trichobezoars, or hairballs as they are scientifically called, are formed when cats eat loose fur during grooming. They develop what are known as “hairballs” from the fur that builds up in their bellies.

What signs and symptoms accompany cats’ hairballs?

Frequent vomiting, retching, constipation, lethargy, and coughing are common signs of hairballs in cats. You must see a veterinarian right once if your cat exhibits any of these symptoms.

How can I keep my cat from getting hairballs?

Although you can’t get rid of hairballs entirely, you can lessen how often they occur. Hairball development can be reduced by giving your cat a balanced diet high in fiber and water, regular grooming to remove loose fur, and feeding them dry cat food with a hairball-control formula.

Can hairballs be effectively managed with dry cat food?

Hairballs can indeed be effectively managed with dry cat food. Certain formulations, which contain chemicals that support digestive health and make it easier for hair to move through the gastrointestinal tract, are specifically made to help with hairball control.

How do I switch my cat over to a dry kitten diet that reduces hairballs?

To prevent an upset stomach, gently switch your cat over to a new food. To completely transfer your cat, start by combining small amounts of the new dry food with the current meal. Over several days, gradually increase the quantity.

Are there any dangers connected to cat hairballs?

Although hairballs by themselves are mostly harmless, if they are not treated, they may cause problems. Hairballs can occasionally result in intestinal obstructions that need immediate veterinary care. It’s critical to keep an eye on your cat’s health and to seek medical assistance if you spot any alarming signs.


Fighting hairballs becomes a top priority for cat owners who are always trying to find the best way to keep their furry companions healthy. By carefully adding specially formulated dry cat food that is high in nutrients and designed to manage hairballs, you can take steps towards a peaceful cohabitation with your feline friend. Say goodbye to hairball troubles once and for all by embracing the power of diet and preventive care.

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