Best Cat Food For Constipation (2024): 8 Wet and Dry High Fiber Foods

best dry cat food for constipation

Like people, eating the incorrect foods, not getting the proper balance of nutrients, and not getting enough moisture in their diet can all have detrimental effects on our cats. Constipation is one of the illnesses this can cause.

The feeds created especially to support the proper functioning of your cat food digestive system are the finest options for treating constipation in cats that are having trouble going to the bathroom.

Not only can water help move waste through the intestines of cats suffering from poor digestion and constipation, but food high in probiotics and nutrients is also beneficial for these felines.

High amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber are another essential component of cat food for constipation.

Increasing both forms of dietary fiber helps your cat excrete more in several ways. While the insoluble fiber thickens the feces to make it easier for the digestive system to pass through, the soluble fiber helps the stools retain their softness by absorbing more moisture.

Grains like wheat are often a good source of insoluble fibers. Even while certain grains may be helpful for constipation relief, many cat owners opt not to include them in their cat’s diet due to their high fiber levels.

Since pumpkin includes both soluble and insoluble fiber, it’s frequently included in the recipes of the finest cat food for constipation—almost like a magic ingredient. While not necessary, it can be a beneficial addition.

Therefore, while deciding what to feed a constipated cat, try to find a wet food high in fiber (both kinds) and balanced nutritional content. You can also try searching for recipes that call for pumpkin!

It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t need to feed your cat this food for very long—just until the problem is resolved. This implies that a small amount of grains in the diet need not be a permanent problem.

In light of everything said above, this is our top pick for the finest wet cat food for constipation overall.

This Weruva Cats in The Kitchen, Funk in the Trunk with Chicken in Pumpkin Consomme Cat Food is our top pick overall for constipation relief. Long name, yet excellent cat food for constipation

It addresses each of the three topics we just covered. It’s a premium meal with lots of chicken protein and a high moisture content because it’s a wet meal. Additionally, the recipe calls for pumpkin.

Gum extracts are also included, which offer more fiber. According to reviews from our community, this is the “go-to” solution for constipated cats, and you should expect your cat to significantly improve in a matter of days.

best dry cat food for constipation

3 Top Cat Food For Constipation Picks – Best, Value & Premium

We’ve briefly discussed what to look for in the best cat food for constipated cats; later in this guide, we’ll go into more detail about that, assist you in recognizing the signs of constipation in cats, and answer some commonly asked questions.

To help you resolve this matter for your cat, let’s first dive into our group test of the top cat meals.

With over a million followers on social media, we have a sizable following. As such, we frequently communicate with this passionate community of cat owners to solicit their insightful and practical test-taking advice. They know their cats well, after all, and many of them have experienced cat constipation in the past.

opinions on what functions best.

These are the best options for constipation that cat owners and our veterinarian consultants have advised. They include a variety of delicious, reasonably priced, and high-quality cat diets.

1. Weruva Funk in The Trunk Chicken in Pumpkin Consomme Cat Food – Best Overall

Weruva Cats in The Kitchen, Funk in the Trunk with Chicken in Pumpkin Consomme Cat Food is the full name of this, our top pick for constipation overall.

However, putting the name aside, this is a great wet cat food for constipation, as we mentioned above, and our community cat food survey revealed that this was the one that was most frequently suggested as a rapid remedy for a constipated cat.

And it’s understandable why.

First off, this recipe, which is a canned wet food, has an exceptionally high moisture level of 87%—more than 10% more than the typical canned cat food. This indicates that cat food for constipation adequately addresses the first demand. This formula will provide your cat with lots of fluids to help with bowel motions.

The addition of pumpkin, with its soluble and insoluble fiber, comes next. Veterinarians frequently suggest pumpkin as a supplement for constipated cats because it has been shown to help with constipation.

Since the pumpkin already provides enough fiber, this recipe does not call for extra grains or gluten to boost the fiber level. Thus, this formula will work well for any cats that are sensitive to grains, as a lot of them are.

Guar and locust bean gum extracts have been added to the product to increase its high fiber content and function as a laxative.

This recipe has no artificial flavorings or preservatives and gets protein from premium chicken.

Based on these recipe-related factors, it receives the highest overall grade. In addition, it is highly affordable, frequently costing only a little bit more than our “value pick.”

It’s a complete meal that can be given to constipated cats as a temporary or intermediate solution.

While some members of our community have kept their cats on this for an extended period (and our veterinarians attest to this being OK), our recommendation is to use it as needed and, if finances allow, switch to our premium selection, Smalls, to preserve your cat’s long-term digestive health.

2. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Turkey & Duck Pate – Best Value 

A well-made wet cat food with premium, well-considered ingredients might be a great investment for a cat experiencing digestive or constipation problems.

This turkey and duck mix and the variety of tastes offered in the Wellness CORE wet food are specifically formulated to facilitate simple digestion in your cat’s stomach.

Even the most uncomfortable cats can easily consume all the food they require and obtain plenty of vital moisture thanks to the pate composition. There is 78% liquid in this wet meal, despite the pate form being somewhat firm.

To promote inner wellness, the grain-free recipe is additionally enhanced with extra healthy components including vitamins and minerals.

Most importantly, it contains several high-fiber binding components. Pumpkin isn’t included, but xantham gum and cassia are added to provide extra fiber.

Lean meats, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats are all part of the Wellness CORE collection, which promotes optimal cat health. Kelp and chicory, which function as probiotics and prebiotics to support digestive health, are ingredients in this dish.

The extra moisture in the pate blend facilitates a quick recovery of your cat’s digestive tract, and it contains no preservatives or colors.

This wet cat food is a great way to maintain lean body mass, healthy skin and hair, and good digestive and urinary health.

Plus, it’s cheap and readily available online in large quantities. A great option with great pricing and high fiberA great high-fiber cat food option for constipation that is also reasonably priced.

3. Smalls Cat Food – Premium Choice

If you can afford the additional price, small cat food is a great option for treating constipation in cats.

Most importantly, Smalls bases their whole business model on producing cat chow of the highest caliber using only the finest (human-grade) ingredients.

“When cats eat right… they poo better,” as Smalls themselves state (and as we and our community have proven to be true)!

It is logical. Your cat’s food will be easier to digest and absorb the nutrients if it contains higher-quality ingredients. This implies that less garbage and filler must exit the other end. Furthermore, we’ve discovered that this implies that there are consistently fewer issues with the business after the other end!

best dry cat food for constipation

It should come as no surprise considering that Smalls cat food is manufactured with easily digested, premium ingredients that are suitable for human consumption.

This enhances healthy digestion and encourages improved nutrient absorption. Furthermore, a range of protein options, including chicken, turkey, and beef, are available in small cat food. These proteins are important for maintaining the health of muscles, and their species-appropriate and nutrient-dense nature aids in regular bowel movements.

By adding naturally occurring, high-fiber ingredients to their recipes—like the highly suggested sweet potato or pumpkin—they can relieve constipation by promoting regular, easy bowel movements.

Additionally, chemical additives and fillers that could aggravate digestive problems are not used in small cat food.

Small cat food helps improve overall gastrointestinal health in cats and successfully relieves constipation by offering a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

In the long run, it can also be used as your cat’s only meal (preventing problems like constipation) or as a partial ingredient in a varied diet.

4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free – Best Dry Cat Food for Constipation

If you discover that wet cat food isn’t the best option for your cats, we suggest the widely available dry cat food Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness High-Protein for treating constipation in cats.

Some people find that eating dry food helps with constipation since kibble contains naturally high-fiber components. Peas and sweet potatoes, which are high-digestible fiber components, are found in dry foods that can help relieve constipation in cats.

All Blue Buffalo recipes are highly rated by us, and this one is especially made with high proportions of premium animal protein, which promotes healthy muscles and digestion in general.

The higher protein content contributes to the digestive system’s ideal moisture levels, which helps to soften stool and promote regular bowel motions.

Additionally, the formula incorporates natural sources of nutritional fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, which encourage good digestion and assist in preventing constipation.

The cat’s digestive system is further enhanced by the lack of chemical additives, fillers, and grains.

Grain-free, high-quality cat meals will always be better for your cat’s gastrointestinal system than foods full of “filler”. Full of protein, Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness high-protein cat food is great for your cat’s health. Real chicken is the primary ingredient, and no grains are included, which could cause your cat’s meal to be more difficult to digest.

To support an active lifestyle, this grain-free cat food has a variety of healthful carbs, including as sweet potatoes and peas.

Your cat is more likely to relieve themselves when they exercise more. Additionally, Blue Buffalo cat food contains unique combinations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help maintain the health of your cat’s organs.

5. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber – Best Vet Recommended Cat Food for Constipation

This dry cat food would be our first choice for constipation relief if it weren’t required to obtain a prescription from your veterinarian. But we also believe the Blue Buffalo above is a wonderful choice, even though it does require a prescription.

Nevertheless, some people in our neighborhood have told us that this particular high-fiber dry cat food for constipation “saved their cat’s life”! That’s a rather large claim, especially for dry cat food when most people think moist cat food is preferable for constipated cats.

Veterinarians undoubtedly advise and prescribe it for constipation frequently because of its efficaciousness, which has been reported to typically resolve complete constipation in a week or less. Plus, once the problem has resolved, you can continue to feed it to your cat as their only meal or as a supplement to their diet.

So why is this so excellent?

Well, Royal Canin has developed a mix that uses high-fiber components in a very unique way. It does contain rice and grains, which goes against the popular belief that these foods are good for a cat’s digestive system.

However, the specific blend of chicory pulp, rice, wheat gluten, and maize gluten is what produces the unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibers.

Additionally, there’s a secret component. This time, it’s psyllium husk, commonly known as Metamucil, instead of pumpkin.

This unique supplement is known to be a bulk-forming laxative and is derived from plant seeds. Although it is included in the meals here, it can be used as a supplement. And it’s quite effective!

This meal has an outstanding nutrient balance overall, as you would anticipate from a formula recommended by a veterinarian.

best dry cat food for constipation

See your veterinarian and request that they prescribe this food if everything else fails and you are at your wits’ end as to what to treat your constipated cat!

6. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets OM Overweight Management Savory Selects

This diet is exclusively prescribed for veterinarians and is meant to aid in weight loss, although it can also alleviate constipation.

Cats who struggle with food processing will benefit from this Purina Veterinary Diet OM Savory Selects wet cat food, which is especially created with lots of high-fiber components to help with both digestion and weight control.

This food contains actual meat chunks that cats may readily digest, making it suited for all breeds and sizes. The formula’s low fat and low-calorie content contributes to its weight reduction properties.

To help your cat feel full, however, a lot of grain and cellulose fiber has been added. This fiber content also significantly aids in the relief of constipation. Because it is a wet diet with a high moisture content, the easily digested fibers and insoluble fiber assist ease constipation.

Your cat will gain lean muscle during their weight loss journey if they have a high protein diet.

Additionally, the Purina Pro Plan veterinarian feed was created specifically to increase cat contentment. The elevated quantities of fiber in this meal will help your cat feel fuller for longer periods and expedite the process of food digestion.

This is the cat food you should use if your cat is prone to being overweight and constipated.

7. Instinct Original Grain-Free Pate

This Instinct mixture is highly recommended by us for a variety of feline ailments, and it’s also a fantastic choice for treating constipation in cats.

For cats who have problems with fiber content, one of the finest feeding options is pate. The grain-free cat food pate from Instinct is ideal for giving cats of all shapes and sizes the moisture and protein they require.

In contrast to dry cat food, pate is incredibly moisturizing and will encourage your cat to use the restroom. If your cat isn’t feeling very hungry or well, eating is also simpler.

With 95% chicken, turkey, and chicken liver in this recipe, you can be sure your cat is getting the high-quality protein they require to be as healthy as possible.

This dish relies on high-quality fiber to facilitate bowel movements because it doesn’t include any needless grains or fillers to give the meal stomach heft. Last but not least, this dish includes ground flaxseed, a hidden superfood, along with some pumpkin.

This canned cat food also has extra vitamins and minerals, which are included to simulate the health benefits of giving your cat raw food. You also gain the assurance that your pate was produced in the USA, which is a bonus.

8. Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food

Iams ProActive Health is a specialty, low-cost cat food designed to particularly treat some of the most important health-related problems.

Hairballs are one of the common issues that the Indoor Weight and Hairball Blend can assist with. Hairballs can occasionally cause blockages in the gut, which makes constipation worse.

Your cat may nibble all day on this reasonably priced, easily-served dry cat chow.

The main ingredient in the dish is chicken, which has been specially prepared to support strong muscles. Other substances, such as L-carnitine, assist a healthy metabolism.

The unique fiber blend, which is mostly derived from highly soluble beet pulp, helps prevent hairballs from forming and lowers the chance of constipation brought on by blockages.

Even better, your cat will receive a high-quality protein meal that has 10% less fat than the IAMS original.

Best Cat Food For Constipation (2024): 8 Wet and Dry High Fiber Foods

Why do cats get constipated?

There are several reasons why cats get constipated, including dehydration, low dietary fiber, obesity, hairballs, and underlying medical issues such as gastrointestinal illnesses or intestinal obstructions.

Is there a way that dry cat food might ease constipation?

Dry cat food that has been specially made to relieve constipation frequently has increased fiber content and other components that support healthy digestive systems. These mixes can assist in controlling bowel motions and easing the symptoms of constipation in cats.

What should I look for in a constipation-relieving dry cat food?

Formulas with high fiber content, easily digestible components, and additional moisture to help hydration should be sought out when selecting dry cat food for constipation. Steer clear of artificial additives and fillers that could make stomach problems worse.

Do dry cat foods with certain additives have to be avoided if your cat is constipated?

Yes, it’s advisable to stay away from dry cat food recipes that contain a lot of artificial flavorings, fillers, and preservatives. These components may be difficult for cats to digest, which increases the risk of constipation and other digestive issues.

Is it possible to switch my constipated cat to a new dry food?

In order to avoid causing upset stomach, you can indeed gently switch your cat over to a different dry diet over a few days. To gradually raise the proportion of the new food while decreasing the old food, start by combining small portions of the new food with your cat’s current diet.


Making the right choice in dry cat food is crucial to maintaining your cat’s general health and wellbeing when it comes to relieving constipation. You can select a dry cat food recipe that successfully relieves constipation symptoms and promotes optimal digestive health by taking into account variables including fiber content, hydration, digestibility, balanced nutrition, and veterinarian recommendations.

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